Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The Over-the-knee Socks Mission

Some days ago i received an email from a very supportive SoHo Symposium reader, asking me in a very sweet way, how to wear over the knee socks! She also wanted to know what colors are the best and with which clothes they can be worn!
As you can guess, i couldn't drop the challenge, and i responded to her immediately that i would do my best to help her!
So here i am writing this post...about SOCKS!
In the pictures above there are shown all the ways to wear knee socks successfully. That means that for a look that doesn't have the intention to be extravagant the black color is the most secure option! Also, for the ones who want to devote to this new trend, the length of the cloth above has to be selected carefully. As you cover a very long area of leg, it doesn't harm to wear mini skirts or shorts, but beware that in the market you'll find all sorts...of shorts!! So for me, the best skirt is the one that is called tulip, and as for shorts..the ones that are not tight-tight (my english fluency always amazes me) ! As for shoes, i think that you can wear anything you want, but i have to say that i prefer wearing them, with mid-high boots and also with shoe boots so as to create a more romantic style! Hmm.. let me think for more infos..oh yes! You also have to pay attention to the upper part of your body...Because over the knee socks -for the ones that are not skinny- mean that they can create a sexy-plexy look, pleazzz don't show any more skin above! Be as conservative as your parents would want you to be and let the socks do their miracles!

...and for the ones that forget easily, this is the way that i styled my knee socks in an older post (link link)! Hope that i was helpful enough!

pictures used in order of appearance :

hansel for basel lookbook
topshop campaign


  1. i am a fan of over the knee socks but i must say that i really like them with cute dresses and kind of rough shoes like motorcycle boots or something....

  2. Και ναι σου γράφει αυτή που σου ζήτησε πληροφορίες! Σε χιλιοευχαριστώ, όχι απλά το έψαξες το ξέσκισες και φαντάσου ότι σε ρώτησα πρόσφατα! Πολύ καλή έρευνα! Λοιπόν λαυτρεύω αυτή με το σορτς (μόνο που στην Ελλάδα τα σορτς μας είναι κιτς δηλ. τα tights-tights που λες, έλεος με αυτά), όπως και τις φουστίτσες γλύκες! Ιδιαίτερα λιτά και φρέσκα τα λουκ που βρήκες(ταιριάζουν και με τον τρελοκαιρό μας!). Πολύ μπιρμπιρισα! Ε καλά, ε μα μην επιμένεις, ε αφού επιμένεις ότι χρειαστώ θα σε ξαναρωτήσω... Φιλιά πολλά, Αγγελική

  3. Girls you definitely did your research!!! But your advice is even more valuable. My favourite line is "Be as conservative as your parents would want you to be." LOL and TRUE
    To throw in my two pennies of advice, I would say that unfortunately it's a look that looks really good on on the skinny types, but as you said, non-skinny girls can wear it too, only with more caution. Loose, relaxed clothes on the top are a must, so we avoid looking like hoochies!
    And I can't believe you forgot to include the perfect example!!!! Remember the amazing outfit QueenB wore when she, you and me were helping backstage at Julia Bergovich? Pic far below on this post? http://fashionarchitect.blogspot.com/2009/10/backstage-julia-bergovich-at-fashion.html
    She wears the ULTIMATE over-the-knee socks!

  4. @lopi you're so right lopi! Queen B is indeed the perfect example! Thanks for adding that pic!!

  5. @Aggeliki glad you liked the post! hope that it was helpfull....as for the future..Any time girl! ANY TIME!

  6. awww thanks so much for posting my photos Hari!! Love this post.. and I do LOVE over the knee socks!! :)

  7. Tis latreuw alla ntrepomai upervolika na tis foresw....

  8. @Jo: ma eisai kai 2 metra mana mou!!

    @issa: i thank you for the inspiration issa!!

  9. my legs are too short and chubby so they never stay up on me... I love them though and each winter I will always give them another go

  10. I love the OTK photos you selected! I am an over the knee sock designer. Please check out my collection at www.sweetmarcel.com



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