Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Baby blue/pink

So, apparently it seems like no one could get away without "the Sotiris Georgiou Outfit Post". Lopi and Elena already posted their outfits today, and now it's my time to do it!

As the show took place at Cine Dexameni at Lykabettus and we were lucky enough to see some rays of light at the end, the spot with the trees and flowers near the cinema seemed ideal for a quick picture! Despite the fact that the temperature was almost 18 °C, I decided to wear my jean shorts mixed with a knitted pink sweater to keep me warm! As for the rest of the outfit, Nine West ankle boots and vintage bag that I got from the last SWAP party!

You must be bored by now of viewing again and again these ankle boots but the truth is that they are the most comfortable shoes with heels that I own! As for the pink sweater, it has a long long history as I have it more that 10 years! It's "Zara Girls,14-16". I didn't wear it that much during school as I found the pink color "too girly" for my "all-black" phase, but it still fits perfectly and I finally wore it with great pleasure! Me throwing away clothes? Naaaah!

Special Thanks to Christiana for taking my picture


  1. I love this photo!!!! And thanks to Andreas who set you under the sun light!

  2. poso omorfa einai sthn dekxameni!!! :)


  3. @Christiana Of Course thanks to Andreas! "A Dezaaa" =P

    @Panagota @Joanna thank you girls! you always make my day with your comments

    @Lefteris: einai teleia! kai oli i gyrw perioxi me tis skales einai idaniki gia na meineis!

  4. oh I like your bag a lot!!

  5. pure sunshine!!
    i love the contrast in your style!!

  6. i think you rocked that outfit girl! it was a great evening!



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