Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Toi&Moi Tote bags- The Winners!

Thank God Research Randomizer exists and it makes it so much easier and faster to get random results!

The 10 Winners have already received the "winning email" so Congrats Girls!!! Hope that you'll love this bag as much as I do and please try to send me some images of you wearing it! I would love to make such a post on the blog!

Also, a big Thank You to all of you that sent me an email and participated at this first give-away! Your comments were a quick reminder of why I love so much what I'm doing despite being unmotivated or tired at times! You rock and you always make me smile! Enough said!


  1. @Iordani: Η φούστα είναι benetton από την φετινή collection και είναι από τις πιό βολικές αγορές που έχω κάνει τελευταία!

  2. alright, not original. i was gonna ask where u got the skirt... :) LOVE IT! Pote tis pires? Einai akoma sta magazia???? Pauline

  3. @Pauline hahaa! Την πήρα πριν από περίπου έναν μήνα, πιστεύω θα την βρεις ακόμα στα μαγαζιά γιατί ήταν από την καινούργια collection!



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