Saturday, 30 October 2010

It's a MARNI fantasy

I always like it when fashion is mixed with other elements- remember that Prada post I'd made when summer ended?! Some days ago I discovered a new video at the Marni official site and I immediately loved it! Pictures from a photo shoot were painted in a childish way and the final result was more than rewarding...well at least for me!

The screen shots above are taken from the video I'm talking about! I wish I could find more info on who was the creator and more about the concept, but despite all my googling nothing came up! If you know something more, please leave a comment!

source: marni


  1. It looks like art. I could easily see these hanging in my living room. Really cool stuff!!

  2. @Eliza I actually thought of hanging these images on my wall!!! They would definitely look good!



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