Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Toi&Moi Tote bags Give Away!

This is more than EXCITING for me! It's actually the first GIVE-AWAY of this blog and I thought I owed to make it special!

After this post and the video I did for Toi&Moi, I had a wild idea! I've seen the sketches of the collection not only in the showroom but also in all Toi&Moi store window displays and I loved them (you can check them also at LFoF's post here)... And that's how the idea came! I love the sketches and I love holding canvas tote bags in my daily life!

What if we could create bags with the Toi&Moi sketches on them?!? After I sent my proposal, Toi&Moi sent me back their one and now I'm more than excited to present to you the final result! Practical and most of all ecological, from now on I'll carry around my own canvas bag!

...and I won't be the only one!


If you want to be one of the 10 lucky SoHo Symposium readers that will have the opportunity to win one of these beauties just send me an email with your name at sohosymposium@gmail.com until next Wednesday, Oct 27th.

Good luck and spread the news! These bags are exclusive and you won't find them elsewhere!


  1. congrats girl! that is such a brilliant idea!!!!!

    they are lovely and i love canvas bags!

    count me in!

  2. para polu kalh idea! =)

  3. amazing idea! eye-mazing sketch!
    i'm in fot sure! ;D

  4. Ι want, I want, I want!

    Θέλω Θέλω Θέλω!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. συγχαρητήρια!.. that's awesome!

  6. Kαταπληκτική ιδέα!!!!


  7. Thumps up for canvas bags! I just want this tote bag ;-)The Soho symposium rocks big time! Well Done Hari!



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