Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Close Up Magazine

Thessaloniki-based Close Up magazine of this month, has an 8-page article dedicated to the new era of fashion modeling! It's called "Super-Modelise It" and along the interesting article written by Stamatis Orfanoudis, you'll find a small interview of 3 models,3 fashion bloggers and 3 designers!

I'm really happy to be among the people interviewed as I appreciate each and every one of them in a very special and different way!!! The models Ismini Papavlassopoulou, Sofia Chrisohoidou and Vaso Kollida talked about the difficulties of being a model, me,Maria-Flora Papapanagiotou and Maria Papagrigoriou about the way we see models nowadays and designers Dimitris Petrou, Filep Motwary and Ioannis Dimitrousis about the way they get to choose models over castings that will represent their creations!

It's extremely interesting, so...GO and BUY it! Excited face! =)


  1. oh, now I have to get dressed again and go to the kiosk. bad, bad Haritini for making me get out of my pyjamas!

  2. hahaa! Lopi!! =))

    @Chara @Maddie thanks girls!!!!

  3. oh so good to see so many friends featured together!



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