Saturday, 2 October 2010

Paul's moustache!

Well, call me an enthusiast (I think I've mentioned it again in the past)...That's what I am! And when I believe that someone is really talented, I get that feeling after I meet him that I need to talk about him constantly and with everyone I meet afterwards! (yes, everyone goes for my poor friends and them having to hear about my fashion obsessions)

And that's how my story with Paul started! I don't know why but I could easily call him Mr Paul despite the fact that we have the same age! I had read this post of Melroy but as it was still summer, my mind was only on vacations. Then September came and I started again my long walks in the center of Athens in an attempt to love the city again. It was about time to go and check Paul Sarz! Of course I loved the shop, I loved the jewelry, the feeling, the decoration, the concept...I loved it all! And Melroy is quite right the most interesting thing is that Paul decided to open his little boutique while everyone complains about the crisis!

As I am also an editor at Ermoumag, I thought that Paul Sarz deserved to be featured as "Shop of the Week" and as I believed that it could easily be a remarkable Athens Daily Secret, I tried to make it one, too! And I'm so happy that we received so many positive comments because I will tell you once again...I'm an enthusiast! An enthusiast with Paul and his boutique!

Check his site here!

p.s. Joanaddicted not only visited the shop the same day, but also bought a present for her friend Nadia! Check her post here!


  1. thank you haritini,thats so so cute!!!!

  2. My sweet, not only i bought this beautiful jewel to Nadia, but i couldn't help it... You'll see -very soon- my new ring and my new custome made necklace!!! And it's your fault baby!! hahahhahahaaa
    p.s. i hadn't seen melroy's post. cool!
    p.s.2. can you actually believe i just realised you weren't on my blogroll?? my goodness how could i miss that!!!???? corrected!
    kisses, and i guess cu very soon at the shows!

  3. @Joanaddicted: Hahaaa!! Waiting the see both of your buys!

    kisses! see you next week hon'



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