Monday, 8 March 2010

Another Sunday, Another Photoshoot!

These days are hectic, people! Interviews, photo shoots and all the surreal things I never thought I would have to squeeze into my everyday life! No, no don't get me wrong! I'm not complaining, of course I enjoy every single minute of these weeks!!!!

So, yesterday -Sunday morning- and I drunk the first coffee of the day with the company of great photographer Stathis Mamalakis, lovely make-up artist Christos Michailidis and two of my fellow fash bloggers Elena and Margarita! Oh So Chic girls Eleni and Maria arrived some hours later, too! We were all invited by BHMAdonna magazine to do a photoshoot and an interview as we all participated at the last GGD dedicated to fashion blogs! (you remember right? no need to place the link!)

What I love the most about the photoshoots is that I have the chance to meet in person all these creative people and discover not only their personal studios but also the way that they work!

Photographer Stathis Mamalakis has his studio in the central Athens. The large windows with a view to the nearby block of flats and the white paper-made inside "walls" (bought from Carteco as Stathis later told me) stole my immediate attention! Then, the photoshoot took place, the outfit that I wore at last was not the one I snapped but you'll have the chance to see the final result at the next BHMAdonna issue!



  1. You go girls!!!
    The dress looks amazing...cant wait to see the 'real' photos :D

  2. May you have more of those "sunny" Sundays!

  3. Thank you girls!! I can't wait to see the result,too!



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