Monday, 29 March 2010

Evangelos Kavathas is not Fragile

Evangelos Kavathas was the reason that I put on my highest heels and run to see his show yesterday afternoon!

Despite the fact that this was his first-ever-catwalk-show, the line that was presented was FULL! Full of all the necessary things that make a collection complete. The theme was well-shown, the lines of clothes had a very specific form and the color palette consisted only of 3 or 4 colors.

Simplicity is a key factor for young designers but only a few of them really get it! Most of them, just want to impress but impression won't make a girl imagine herself inside the clothes! And Evangelos succeeded in that! I could imagine myself in the clothes but more importantly I could imagine also other women wearing his creations!

That's why despite the collection's
"Fragile" theme, I agreed with the card that I found at my seat! The collection was " A collection without any unnecessary sophistication" ! And that's what impressed us all!

p.s. Chloe has done an amazing job photographing each piece separately! Check her post here!


  1. Poly wraia rouxa.. apla, chic kai eukoloforeta..allwste ayto einai to mystiko tis epityxias, na sxediazei kaneis rouxa pou mporoun na forethoun apo gynaikes kathimerina kai na tis kanoun na niwthoun wraies mesa se ayta!!

  2. This is one of the few times I love the clothes on the runway as much as the designer's outfit. Way to go Evangelos, the man has style AND vision!

  3. ..just to mention that the designer's outfit was also made by his own!
    and yes Evangelos is definately one of the most talented designers in Greece right now!!

  4. D. didn't know that!! thanks for mentioning it!



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