Monday, 22 March 2010

SATC @ The Box!

When you receive an invitation like this one...

"WhiteBox & Razzmatazz invite you
to a fun fashion afternoon dedicated to the Iconic SATC!

Razzmatazz by Sophia Tsopela will be presenting her unique Tutu designs

& many Whitebox designers will create unique accessories inspired by the series!

We will be styled by Sophia & Marika as our favourite character

with finishing hair & make up touches by Kiriaki
watch episodes of the stylish Sex and the City,
....and of course sip Cosmopolitans and enjoy being girls!"

it is really hard not to accept!... So despite the fact that I spent almost all my weekend at the Xclusive Designers Fashion Week, I decided that I HAD to -at least- go to Whitebox and see what this was all about!!! From the moment I entered the elevator, I got into the "Sexy mood"! Then I got into the BOX and I saw my fellow fash bloggers Chloe and Nina dressed up in tutus!!! That was IT!

It was a really funny event! Basically everyone wanted to dress up like Carrie although there were a few Samantha's too!!! There was even a girl that told me that I was "the best Carrie" and she made me so happy that I forgot to even ask her name...(stranger thank you!!! For a Sex and the City addict like me, that's the most flattering comment I ever heard)

Thalia joined us later on and at the end everyone wondered around in tutus and cosmopolitans in hand!!!

Surreal but Sexy!! We all got Carri-ed away!!!


  1. μα πόσο ωραία περάσατε! Τι κρίμα να αρρωστήσω χτες! Έχω και τουτού...φούξια!

  2. agapo tin omadiki foto.....

    8elo kialo!

  3. den exeis kanei wraiotero post apo auto !
    exw ksetrellathei !!!!
    auth h tutu pou fora h carrie sto sex and the city einai agaphmenh mou!
    to koritsi pu fora olo maura tres chic kai oles sas polu polu polu glukes kai xaritwmenes!
    teleia ideaaaaaa

  4. trelokoritsooooo smoyts...
    eskises pali...!!!

  5. cool post girl! love the photos and colors!

  6. Sex and the City!
    Girls you Look so Pretty..

  7. ouaou!!!teleia!!ti fovera ntusimatakiaaa...

  8. η Αθηνούλα στην φωτο όλα τα λεφτά! =D
    the thing is you have Carrie's looks too! =)

  9. teleio concept..eimai big big fan tou SATC
    exw k ta 2 vivlia, exw dei ola ta epeisodia k ti tainia pollakis... tin kasetina tis seiras den exw parei akoma :( k niwthw pws kati leipei ap to spiti
    foveres foto...must had been look great!!!



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