Monday, 1 March 2010

Big Fish outfit

So many people asked me about my "big fish" outfit (and the shoes especially) that I had to make this post in order to answer at those questions!!!
The shoes are Sfera, bought last November and the dress is Vintage, bought from Preloved shop ( Asklipiou 20, Kolonaki)!
Preloved owner actually told me that it had only suited one girl before as the waist was too small for everyone else!! You can imagine my happiness when Ι tried it on and it fitted me perfectly! I felt like the cinderella and I had to make it mine immediately!!!

Oh and I also have to mention the bracelet I wore, it's from migma and it's a digital print of chalks!


  1. 8a to episkefto sidnoma to magazaki afto...

  2. Ok, the dress, I get it, it's vintage, we never had a chance... But the shoes, oh the shoes... Suffering from serious shoe-envy right now.

    Btw, now that you own a sewing machine too, don't you think that dress is rather easy to copy? Maybe we should go fabric shopping together some of these days...

  3. Σίγουρα το πράσινο είναι το χρώμα σου!
    Τέλειος συνδυασμός.



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