Monday, 1 March 2010

Backstage is the Stage

And here is the backstage candy I promised yesterday!!! The first pic is the one that appeared in the magazine and the rest are taken by Thalia's friend and amazing photographer Fay that took our backstage pics!
Photographer Yorgos Yerardos is super talented and definitely knows how to make a girl smile! I'm telling you people it's not like I know how to pose and if the final result seems natural, well it isn't! I was super stressed at the beginning and the first pics I'm sure are a disaster! Thank God, Yorgos lightened me up and at least you got to see that fun pic of me!!!

I also have to thank Ntemi Stamatopoulou that trasformed me into this wild child in less than 20 minutes!

Fashion Architect was quick enough to scan all our interviews and pictures, so take a look here for the complete "Fashion Bloggers" part!

Well..back to common life now!


  1. For the record, I only scanned the Vogue feature, for Big Fish I just exported the pdf into jpg and it was all set!
    Entering geek mode :p

  2. I have the same migma bracelet!! I got it looong time ago when they where still newbies! It's my favorite!

  3. ti gamato malli...sugxaritiria girl!



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