Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Tell this Story...Again!

I think I am the last one of the bloggers to make this post and I didn't have the time to do it the "AleccaRox" way -one designer per post- but at least you get the idea of what Tell-A-Story was like from my point of view! These are the items that stole my attraction, of course there were many more designers that I loved but If I posted their pics,too this post would be endless!!!
Tell-A-Story this time took part in a brand new place (never visited it before to be true) called Miga! It's at Psirri area and it looks really promising!
As for the designers, this time there were less but as Striggla and some others told me, they prefered it this way as it was more concentrated and it was more business-appropriate due to the lack of an open shop!

Akira Mushi is a brand that I first met during the last Meet Market and I'm more than enthousiastic with them! This piece of clothing that I wore during the last SWAP is actually Akira Mushi!

Ippolito is the brand that Pavlina Papailiopoulou has created some months ago after she returned from Italy where she had worked for Bottega Veneta among others! Loved her bags, loved meeting her in person and had a sneak preview of her Fall 2010 collection
(beyond words!)!

Last but not least, another designer that caught my eye was Cyprus based Alexia Kirmitsi and her brand "hysteria asteria"! Didn't post any pictured because the quality of pics didn't match with the perfection of the clothes but at the end of the post you can check the posts that my fellow fash bloggers have made for the event!

Take a look at the facebook event's page for the complete list of the designers!

For more pics visit the girls:

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  1. I loved the emma'nuella's bags!! soooo fresh....


    1. Thank u so much! Your comment made me very happy ;))) x

  2. There was nothing I didn't like to be honest. Strigles, Akira Mushi, Psarokokalo... (I could go on naming the entire list:)) Thanks for the link-love, was nice to see you (& ur gorgeous harem pants) that evening!



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