Friday, 5 March 2010

I could be so lucky!

I'm so happy that fashion blogs start to get some deserved attention these days! Lucky magazine is one of those mags that prove their love to us and that's why instead of one single presentation, for the next few issues you are going to see as many fash blogs as possible!
Mine, Queen B's and Battered Couture's were the first to get the whole page! Many more to come, so go and grab a Lucky mag now..and do the same the next month..and the next month...etc!!!!

Thank you Lucky!


  1. Congraaats congraats :D
    Itan kairos gia ta ellinika blogs na diafimistoun, poso mallon to thesohosymposium :)


  2. Symfwnw!!! Kathoti se ayti tin xwra eimaste dyo bimata pisw panta!! Anyway.. kalio arga para pote!! =D



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