Saturday, 13 March 2010

Tag your tee!

So, following my previous post, here are six out of the ten tees that I made especially for the Fashion Playground event! As I wrote also at the small cards that I placed at the tees they are not a perfectionist's item as they have many small imperfections! I just hope that I made the people that won them happy for having them!!!
Personally speaking, I was really happy to meet some of the winners! I hope that the rest of you, will see this post and "tag your t-shirt" in order to -at least- "virtually" meet you!

The rest of the fash bloggers did an amazing job as well and the craziest thing is that at the end of the event there were still people asking for more t-shirts! Chic and Ethic lab also transformed some more t-shirts and Streetgeist were inside to take pictures of the Levi's make overs!...

Oh YES! We were ALL there!!!!

_visit the rest of the fashion blogs for more pics and gossip_


  1. Oh, you managed to take some great pictures of your amazing tees! I'm kinda jealous, since I made mine at the last possible minute and the last thing on my mind was to take pics :(

  2. einai panemorfaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. re sy einai fantastika! mpravo!

  4. Είναι όλες τέλειες!

  5. Like like like like... Mprabo! Wraia xrwmata... eidika ayto me ton kitrino fiogko mou arese para poly!!

  6. the tee's all look fab! thumbs up girl!

  7. these are unique!!! our teacher would be proud! you should be selling them, Hari!

  8. Didn't wear anything memorable dear, that's why....



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